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Bryon's Page


H i...My name is Bryon.
I live in a small town in western
Pennsylvania with a wonderful
woman named Jenny Roberts,
who is originally from Louisiana.
We met on the internet and
now we are together.We have
become the very best of friends.
Internet relationships can and
do work.Jenny and I have
fallen very deeply in love
and do plan to be married as
soon as we can.
The day has finally arrived.Jenny
and I were married on Nov.12th 1999
and we could not be happier.

     Areas of interest are bowling,
     when I get the time,playing
     games in the zone,tinkering with
    cars new&old,wood working,and
    surfing the internet.

     I am currently employed with a major endmill
      manufacturer,who is growing fast.We are currently
      undergoing some major changes there but the changes
      will help us in the future to become even better.

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